Hanuman Natak

Hanuman Natak coverby Hirdaya Rama Bhalla

Foreword by Akali Nihang Kamalroop Singh


The Hanuman Natak is a play about Ram Chandra written in verse by the poet Hirdaya Ram Bhalla.


The Hanūmān Nāṭak is a play about Ram Chandra written in verse by the poet Hirdaya Ram Bhalla. According to Bhai Kanh Singh Nabha some poets have recorded that Hanuman wrote it himself as, but inorder to not decrease the splendar of the Rāmayaṇ of Valmik he threw it into the sea. In the times of Raja Bhoj pearl drivers found the tablets it was inscribed on, the King then got all of the tablets from the sea, and where there were any missing passages Damodar Missar recorded new verses. The version in Braj Bhasha presented here, by Hirdaya Ram – a Bhalla, who was from the Court of Jahangir in 1680 VS/ 1623 AD.
Dr Kamalroop Singh has adds the introduction to the text and the importance the text playes from the Mughal Court of Jahangir to the Court of Guru Gobind Singh.

A free download of the  Hanuman-Natak-in-Gurmukhi-by-Hirdaya-Ram-Bhalla from Archimedes Press



Sri Dasam Granth Sahib: Questions and Answers

by Gurinder Singh Mann and Kamalroop Singh.  

ISBN: 978-0956843500

Pages: 120

Images: 20 images

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Sri Dasam Granth Sahib is the second sacred scripture of Sikhism after Guru Granth Sahib. This book gives a complete understanding of the history, compilation and relevance of Guru Gobind Singh’s compositions. In recent years many fallacies and misinterpretations have crept into the study and understanding of the scripture.

The authors of this book, Gurinder Singh Mann and Kamalroop Singh have given elaborate answers to 50 questions posed on the Sikh scripture. They have considered manuscript and historical evidence to provide the readers with thoughtful insights on how the scripture should be perceived.

This book features:

*50 questions and 50 elaborate answers on the scripture.
*Rare pictures of Sri Dasam Granth manuscripts.
*The Akal Takht Sahib stance on the Guru’s bani.
*The British views on the Sikh scripture.
*The relevance of Sri Dasam Granth in modern society.


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Dr Leyden’s Panjabi Translations


By Panjab Cultural Association

Pages: 37

Images: 7

A small booklet created to celebrate the 200th death anniversary of  linguist Dr John Leyden.

Dr Leyden, a Scottish surgeon adept in many languages also undertook the translation of Panjabi/Sikh texts into English. This booklet gives an overview of the project undertaken by the
Panjab Cultural Association, UK to bring these writings out into the open.

* Possibly the first english translations of Sikh/Panjabi texts and scriptures.

* The discussion of translation of Sri Bachitra Natak, Prem Sumarag Granth, Sikhan Di Bhagatmala, Var Sri Bhagauti Ji and others.

* The significance of these translations as viewed by scholars.